About Us

Close your eyes and visualize a room...

Your room, your office space, your basement, your closet, your attic; whichever room you like best to spend most of your time in. Look around inside this room of yours. Imagine it to be filled with everything that makes you happy, every passion that you may openly flaunt or secretly keep close to your heart.

Now what would you like your walls to look like? Bare? Minimal or full of Posters about things/ideas you love? What if we tell you that we can make your room look like whatever you want depending on your taste, because we at The Leaky Post believe plain painted walls are simply overrated and that's not how you want your beautiful, cozy room to look like.

The Leaky Post offers you your dreams in the form of wall art and other fun visual products that express your personal interests, life-long passions and of-the-moment obsessions.

We have something for every budget because we want you to have everything you deeply wish for without having to worry about vast sums of your money fading away. Browse through our offerings to discover your intrinsic taste and decorating style and go nuts with your room.

We hope to make your life more vibrant, happy and fun with our posters because that is the way we feel while making them. We are dedicated to your cause, whatever it may be, and we promise to provide sufficient backup.